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For the woman today, hair is often seen as a reflection of identity, personality, health and history. Many women equate a bad hair day to a bad day. How a woman's hair looks and feels on a certain day can significantly affect her self esteem and outlook on that day. This is why making sure your hair looks fabulous and gorgeous is an absolute MUST !

At Milah Gold Hair Collection, Our Mission is to provide you with more good hair days. We believe every woman should look and feel their best at all times. As one of the most reputable online-based distributors, we work tirelessly to ensure that our customers all around the world get the very best and luxurious hair extensions at the most affordable costs.

We pride ourselves in maintaining an open, honest and trustworthy relationship to ALL our customers. At Milah Gold Hair, 100% customer satisfaction remains our top priority at all times.  Every hair sold at Milah Gold Hair Collection has undergone several testing and inspection by our stylists and cosmetician who has over 8 years’ experience in the hair & beauty industry to ensure that our hair delivers all that we promise.

At Milah Gold Hair Collection, we offer two brands of virgin hair (100% Virgin Remy Hair and Luxury Raw Virgin hair) these two brands of hair come in their own different textures respectively. The difference between these two brands lies in how they are collected, wefted and processed. All hair extensions sold at Milah Gold Hair Collection are guaranteed to last a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 4 years with proper care and instructions. 

Luxury Raw Virgin Hair Collection (COMING SOON)

At Milah Gold Hair Collection, we provide the very RARE raw virgin hair extensions. This brand of hair extensions are collected straight from the donors at the temples, this hair has only gone through one step called hackling. This involves thorough inspection making sure the hair is free of lice and nits. Our Luxury Raw Hair comes directly from one donor, it is wefted in the same direction allowing the hair to last for up to four years if maintained properly. Our cuticles are intact allowing for no shedding or tangling of any kind. This hair could come in different textures and patterns that differ slightly from one another because the hair is collected from one person and no two people will have the same exact texture or pattern.

100% Virgin Remy Hair Collection

At Milah Gold Hair Collection, we guarantee that none of our hair extensions have undergone any form of chemical processing. We also guarantee that no synthetic fibre or harsh ingredients has been mixed with our hair extensions. Our Virgin Hair is of the top most quality, all cuticles are aligned which provides little to no shedding and tangling, allowing this hair to last a minimum of 1 year with proper maintenance , it also has a natural luster that allows it to blend well with a lot of hair textures. The Virgin Hair comes in a natural 1b colour (black), or a colour 2 which is a natural brown

Whether you are looking for that bone straight, luxe body wave, kinky straight, kinky curly hair, or clip in extensions know that you can always count on the hair extensions, weaves, lace closures and frontals offered at Milah Gold Hair Collection.

Get in touch with us today to try our products and see just how much changing up your hairstyle can change your looks and affect your confidence positively! Email Us at info@milahgoldcollection.com or visit our Contact page and fill out the form. We look forward to helping you achieve a more stylish and beautiful you.

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